Baileys Fitted Furniture FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

What is a fitted wardrobe?

A fitted wardrobe is one that is built in to your walls and can't be removed. It is different from a standalone wardrobe which you either buy ready built or you build to stand on its own and can move it around, or take it with you when you move house.

Why should I get a fitted wardrobe?

A fitted wardrobe is, by definition, customised to your needs and can be designed to best house the things you actually own. With a fitted wardrobe you will have just enough (neither too much nor too little) of each type of storage space for the clothes and shoes that you own. Moreover, a fitted wardrobe is good at making use of oddly shaped rooms by partitioning off and using for storage areas floorspace that would otherwise not be used or which might be used less effectively.

How do I get one installed?

The first step is to call a designer in to look at the space available and consult with you as to your needs. He or she will take notes as to the area of your room you would like to use, the number and type of storage spaces within the wardrobe, the type of materials you would like and every other aspect of the design. They will then draw up a plan for you to review and approve before we send a highly trained installation team to build the wardrobe in your home.

Why get sliding doors?

Sliding doors are the easiest type of doors to install and also the type that makes the best use of space. If you have a door that opens in or out you are more limited as to which areas you can partition off for the installation of a walk in wardrobe. With sliding doors there are many more possibilities that you can entertain. It means that areas of your room that are oddly shaped or otherwise hard to use can be made useful.

How can I customize my fitted wardrobe?

There are many options available. First off, you can choose the different storage options available for the interior of your wardrobe. You can have more or less shoe cascades, draws, clothes hanging areas. When your designer visits they will help you to make an estimate of what you think you will need and from this you will choose how much of everything you want. After that point you may choose to customise the lighting, whether or not you choose to have a mirror, and the door handles.