Baileys Fitted Furniture - Tailor Made to order

Custom Made Furniture

The Baileys Bedrooms Charter promises to build truly tailor made furniture and fitments. Really Making more of your space. But first we have to understand what this does NOT mean.

No to flat pack boxed up kits or off the peg ranges.
No to standard sized doors drawers and wardrobe depths
No to saying " You can't do that madam our xyz 800 unit will not fit there"
No to standard sized doors with ugly space wasting filler panels & top pelmets to 'bridge the gaps'! Baileys call this "elastic filling"
No to misleading statements like "Fitted wardrobes with no gaps" which have filler panels filling the spaces.
No to saying "It can't be done" or "You can't do that" which in truth could say something like "We don't want to do that" or " We can't and don't know how to do that"
No to set minimised ranges of design and colour.

Yes- every item is made especially for your room.
Yes- every size is a standard size to Baileys Bedrooms, a therefore no premium rates for "non-standard."
Yes-The furniture and units will fit anywhere (without elastic) because they are made for your space.
Yes-Baileys Bedrooms designer will go through the design options and plan your room the best way for you.
You will often hear "yes" or "no problem" where others have umm'd & ahh'd or given flat refusal. Look at our impossible done page.
Yes-Not only do Baileys work in all the MDF finishes currently manufactured but also with solid timber like cherry maple and oak or economical plain board.
Yes-If the Baileys designer feels a particular idea is impractical or may have an economical alternative, he will talk to you about this.